Fitness Friday 10/10

Saturday – House Party Fitness (taught) 869 calories
Sunday – 2 mile walk, Zumba (taught) 1,584 Calories burned
Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – RIPPED (student) Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 2,345 Calories burned
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught) No HRM
Thursday – RIPPED (student) Pound (co taught) Zumba (taught) 2,621 Calories burned
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught) No HRM

Taught – 8
Student – 2

Non-scale victories – I did suicide planks, on my knees. I did walking and pendulum planks on my forearms. Used 8lb weights on all the bicep, tricep, shoulder, and back work. The whole class. Brushing my hair sucked afterwards but …. Progress.

Lunges – going backward is getting less painful to my back and knees but toward I’m still shaking like a leaf. The current RIPPED season has a lazy leg lunges, forward, side, back. So I’m getting a lot of good practice this month. Perfect for my goals!


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Fitness Friday 10/2

Here’s my workout round up!

Saturday – RIPPED (student), House Party Fitness (taught). 2,205 Calories burned
Sunday – Zumba (taught) 1,159 calories burned
Monday – Zumba (taught) No HRM
Tuesday – Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 1,799 calories burned
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught), RIPPED (student) 1,632 burned
Thursday – Pound (co taught) Zumba Toning (taught), Zumba (taught) 2,757 burned
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught) 1,318 calories

Taught – 10
Student – 2
Total Calories – 10,870
Non-scale victories – I’ve noticed muscle definition in my arms. When I took RIPPED on Wednesday I took it with a new instructor and I used higher weights and pushed my lunges lower.

New focus – correct my lunge form. I suck, suck, suck, at lunges. I know this, it is especially noticeable now that I’m teaching more Pound. It’s both the depth of my lunges and my stability during them that is concerning me. I can squat and curtesy lunge all I want and my form is good but straight back, normal up and down lunges just make me wobbly. One of the power sections of RIPPED has front and back same side lunges and when I was doing that section three times a week I got better at it but doing it Wednesday night? Like I was learning to walk all over again. So, I’ll be spending a little time each day working on my lunge form. I may do that during the work day when I’m pacing around my cube. I don’t know how to gauge success other than seeing how long it takes me to get back to a solid 90/90 knee position on my lunges… But I think that’s a long ways away!

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Fitness Friday – 9/25


Saturday – RIPPED (student), House Party Fitness (taught). Total calorie burn for the two classes – 2,395
Sunday – Zumba (taught) 1,169 calories burned.
Monday – RIPPED (student), Zumba (taught) 2,086 calories burned.
Tuesday – RIPPED (student), Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 2,395 calories burned among the three classes.
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught) 611 calories burned – hrm only read for 34 minutes
Thursday – Pound (taught), Zumba (taught) 1,604 calories burned
Friday – Rest

Taught – 8
Student – 3
Total Calories – 10,260
Non-scale victories – Shoulders and bicep weights up to 8lbs, increased ability to do moves in Pound including deep side snares and just about everything in kit position, able to do M jumps and T jumps in RIPPED

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A beachy vacation

Let’s talk vacation. Because mine was the bomb!


My job makes me take five consecutive business days off once a year. It’s a requirement. They remove your access to the network, the buildings, everything. It’s quite freeing. So, for my vacation, I did a whole lot of nothing.

I worked at the studio Saturday through Monday and then Thursday through Sunday again but I did manage to get out of town Tuesday through Thursday afternoon.

Matt and I went to the beach to his aunts condo and we had a blast. It was laid back, chilled out and full of sharks, turtles and happy.

When we arrived on Tuesday we got settled in at the condo and went to Broadway at the Beach to just look around. We got lunch at Hard Rock Cafe – I’d never been to one before! I stared at Joan Jett’s leather pants the whole time. We did some shopping. We bought fun food things at the Pepper Palace. We fed fishes. It was nice.

Then I ran over to the other side of the beach and got to do a House Party Fitness class with my buddy Patty! She even let me teach a few songs. It felt amazing. Totally recharged my batteries to get to play with a new group of students, a teacher I totally admire, and just being a student a little bit. I stole some choreography from her too. Good times.

After a quick dinner from McAlisters deli, Matt and I hit the jacuzzi at the complex. Ahhhhhhh. It was a balmy night and the delicious warm, bubbly water felt fantastic. I slept like a baby.

Wednesday morning we got up and went to Ripley’s Aquarium. I wanted to see the fishes. It’s a thing we do. It was fantastic. The sharks! The mermaid! The rays! The fish! It was glorious. I was so happy.


We moseyed back to the condo and made lunch to go eat on the beach. Chicken in an orange chipotle rub Matt got at the Pepper Palace, we made sandwiches out of it. Brought along some drinks and chips and just enjoyed eating on the beach. We played in the water. We walked on the pier and I got to see a shark steal someone’s fishing pole. The city girl in me was squealing. We had the best ice cream at this little local joint.

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Showers and clean up happened before heading back to the Broadway because I wanted Margaritaville and to go to Crocodile Rock – the dueling piano bar. Dinner was amazing, the walk around the water at night was lovely, Crocodile Rocks was fun. It was just great to get to hang out and just go where the night took us.


Thursday we cleaned the condo, got packed up, harassed the turtles in the pond outside the building and headed out. We went back to the pier and for a last walk on the beach before we had to head out. Not before we had one final, totally unhealthy, meal. This little greasy spoon right on the water had the best burgers. Oh my god. Big, juicy, and topped with the best pimento cheese I’ve ever eaten. And amazing sweet potato fries. And the seagulls kept trying to come inside to steal peanuts off the floor. It was awwwwwwesome.

When I got back home I had enough time to get settled and changed before heading off to Power Hour and to teach Zumba. It was a great day. A great vacation. Just, awesome.

I felt so recharged and relaxed when I got back that the first class I taught felt like the first class I’d ever taught.

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Fitness Friday 9/19


A good week. Not great, but good!

Saturday – RIPPED (student, 664 calories) House Party Fitness (Taught, 1,169)
Sunday – Zumba (taught, 998 calories)
Monday – Zumba (taught, forgot HRM)
Tuesday – RIPPED (student, 900 calories) Pound (taught, HRM didn’t read) House Party Fitness (taught, HRM didn’t read)
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught, 919 calories)
Thursday – PowerHour (student, 521 calories, didn’t read half the class) Zumba (taught, 736 calories)
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught, forgot HRM)

Classes taught – 8
Classes as student – 3
Calories burned – a lot.

I missed RIPPED Thursday morning, I had a really bad upset stomach when I woke up and just couldn’t make myself go. I took meds, got an extra hour of sleep and I was ok. So glad I had some zofran left over!

This coming week the workout schedule should be a bit heavier on the student side which is what I’m trying to get to.

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