Playing Catchup… Again…


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind!

At my day job my new manager started part time, transitioning from his old department, so I’m dealing with a ton of stress and change ups at the day job. Lots of new tasks to learn and I love that part of it but Oof! Then he left for his vacation and left me to build stuff in his absence, I really love that but again, Oof! Mentally I am fried.

Then, it was spring break this past week and Sue was out of place so I was running the studio solo style. Including the Thursday night 3.5 hour marathon of teaching.

My workouts for the last few weeks?

4/1 – Pound, Zumba
4/3 – BodyFlow, TriggerPoint, Zumba
4/4 – Zumba
4/6 – 1.5 mile walk, Zumba, BodyFlow.
4/7 – Piloxing, Zumba
4/8 – Insanity, Zumba
4/9 – BodyFlow
4/10 – BodyFlow, TriggerPoint, Zumba
4/12 – Pound, Zumba
4/13 – 2.5 mile jog, Zumba, BodyFlow
4/14 – Pound
4/15 – Pound, Zumba
4/16 – Zumba Toning
4/17 – Sentao, Pound, TriggerPoint, Zumba
4/19 – 90 minute mixed class party

I feel strong… And very, very, very tired.

Also… This is now a thing again…


That’s right, I can do splits again! In BodyFlow Sue did a track and said “If you want to take this a bit deeper, you can try to go forward in to a split…” I said okay and there it was. Like I’d never stopped doing them. It felt great!

So, goals… More jogging… I want to be able to do the 10k route at Fitbloggin this year. Keep doing more BodyFlow and Yoga whenever I can. Try to get to even more classes by other instructors. I’m digging what I’m learning being a student more often!

I won’t be weighing in again until May 1st. The scale is frustrating me. So I’m taking a 10 day break and then doing weights and measurements.

Yoga Fail!

Remember how I said I would do more yoga and BodyFlow? I followed through. I did. And I will continue to do so… When I’m not in AGONY.

So, that irritated muscle in my upper back and causing pain in my neck? Still around but just barely. It was a little tight this morning but as I went through the day it loosened up and when I taught Pound this afternoon I felt great.

I did office stuff, got to the mat and joined in to the yoga class and I was good. My knee was a little irritated so I adjusted to get my extra rolled mat to put under my knees for comfort and went to put myself in table pose and I saw all sorts of colors pass before my eyes before I dropped to the floor and began stumbling through a series of pained stretches trying to figure out what cramped and how to stop it.

It didn’t stop. I couldn’t stand up at first. I regained composure, got up, hobbled to the bathroom to put myself together. I thought I could recover and try to finish out the class, mountain pose in to forward fold and wham, lightheaded and paiiiiin.

I chilled behind the desk and tried to massage the pain out before the next class. It didn’t go well. I pieced myself together and got ready to do Zumba.

The class itself wound up being awesome. The class was almost all regulars, front row types who know what’s up in class so even though I taught like I was part dolphin or t-Rex, they still kicked the classes butt! I did a very retro warmup and cool down and there was lots of singing along. A good sweat was worked up.

I am forever grateful that I have awesome people around me that are so willing to go with the flow.

Doing the class did help to loosen up the problem area and I was in better shape after class than I was at the start.

My day was far from over though. I had called in an order to Harris Teeter for some groceries since I had been cleaning all day and was short on time before having to head to the studio so I had to run over and pick it up, get it all put away and make dinner. There was also the never ending laundry to put away. All thing which I needed to be able to turn my head back and forth and use my arms while doing. So… Yeah…

The boyfriend was away at a Pathfinder convention and so was not helpful but Matt saved the day.

He had driven me to the studio but he ran me everywhere, helped me put on an icy hot patch, helped with dishes and dinner and was just super awesome as always. It’s what he does.

Dinner was delish! Chicken baked in buffalo sauce, rice and veggies. I cooked up some bacon for breakfast making. Leftovers got divvied up for weekly lunch consumption. I am ready to take on these next seven days.

As long as my neck/back starts behaving.

The Body Must Flow…

So yesterday I took my first BodyFlow class in a good long while. It felt GREAT. Friday night, I took half a yoga class. It did not feel great, but it was necessary.

My knee is still being irritating and easily irritable. I see my doc in 2 weeks and we’ll look at x-rays and MRIs or whatever then. Until that time, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. It is getting better. It hurts far less and has stopped locking up like it had been so, HOORAY!

Then to add to it? I slept wrong Wednesday night and could barely turn my head on Thursday. The yoga and BodyFlow definitely helped with that pain! It wasn’t pleasant – there were numb fingers and ugly words spoken – but it helped so much.

I know that the restorative parts of yoga and BodyFlow are great for my body but it is so often not a priority for me. I do lots of foam rolling and stretching but I rarely take the time to take a full class with other instructors… normally because I taught before or teach right after them. Sometimes it’s both.

I need to make it a priority. It’s obvious how much of a difference it makes when I do. So this week I will be doing BodyFlow on Wednesday night and possibly Thursday (depends on if I get my playlists done before heading to the studio) and absolutely on Sundays (sometimes it’s BodyFlow and sometimes it’s yoga.) Either way, I will commit to taking those classes to help keep my body rested and relaxed and healthy.

Technology, fitness and fascination.

This past week has been of technology fun!

I got my new iPhone 5s on Monday. So, of course, I went on Amazon bought some fun accessories for it. Then, wound up, again, lingering on the button to buy a Withings scale.

It’s not the first time I lingered there. Dreaming of the fun data it would give me to play with. CO2 readings of my bedroom! Heart rate! Fat mass! Automatically downloaded to my phone/iPad. It’s just cool. It’s the future!

Then, I went to bed. I hadn’t clicked the buy button. Or had I!?!?
Thank you, toothpaste for dinner.

Apparently, in an ambien fugue state, I did press submit and on Wednesday I had a shiny new toy to play with.

I am super excited about it! It connects to MyFitnessPal, BodyMedia Fit and gives me a combined health dashboard to review.
The first area rotates through Weight, Fat Mass %, BMI, Height. The second shows weight lost. The third gives Air Quality and Temperature in the room where the scale is located.
The top piece? That looks like a butterfly? It changes based on the information entered. The goal? Get all the wings filled in. Kind of cool.
In the bottom section it gives me, Blood pressure and heart rate. There is an at home blood pressure cuff from Withings that would automatically add these, but I can add them manually too. The heart rate gets uploaded from the Withings scale. Then it gives a calorie balance based on my MyFitnessPal data. Then the last section pulls data from my BodyMedia Fit lists Calories Burned (weeks), Moderate activity (weeks), Vigorous activity (weeks).
I love having everything right at my fingertips.
Other things it takes in to account? From BodyMedia it keeps a log of my time sleeping. I love that. It’s something I’ve been working on actively. Trying to drink less caffeine, relax more before bed, not eat so close to bed. Doing all those things.

And that’s where another cool app comes in. Sleep Cycle.

Someone at work mentioned it, and then Sheryl mentioned on Facebook that she loved it and it was a Starbucks free app. So I bought it.

It’s so cool! You take your phone at night and put it under the sheet at the top corner of the bed. It uses the motion detection features in the phone to look at your sleep patterns. You can add sleep notes and track how different things impact how well you sleep.
I do love me some graphs. I think that’s my day job sneaking up on me. Synthesized data makes me happy. When I have all this raw data I can make informed decisions about what I can do better.

Outside of playing with all my new shiny toys it’s been a good week. Minus the knee pain.

Monday – rest day.
Tuesday – Zumba 60 minutes
Wednesday – a second rest day this week! Eep!
Thursday – TriggerPoint – 30 minutes. Zumba – 60 minutes. Helped out with Pound.
Friday – Piloxing! I co-taught with Sue.
Saturday – Pound and Zumba – an hour of each.
Sunday – 1.5 mile walk. Co-taught Pound with Sue and an hour of Zumba.

This week I’m going to try to get in and have my knee checked out. A student at the studio who is a massage therapist showed me a few pressure points that are helping a lot with the symptoms but I need to do something about getting the tendons back in alignment because that’s the only way I can describe the discomfort.

When it gets really tight it feels like the tendon can’t get out of the way like it’s supposed to. Everything else is the same as when my left knee had a flare up of tendinitis last year. I don’t know if massage therapy or chiropractic care would do me better but I don’t think it’s severe enough to need an MRI or anything.

Right now it’s still all about RICE treatment and being careful with my moves until it stops being sore. Now to curl up and read a book in bed and try to unwind. Time for some good sleep!

Super Sunday Workouts.

Sunday has become a day of lots of physical activity and not much time for anything else. I’m really okay with that but wow … Talk about exhausting.

First up today was a walk around the track with my #teamtrio family.


I only got in a mile. I was without proper shoes – that will be fixed this week – and I wound up with rocks and sand and mud in my shoes so I gave up after a mile and cheered the rest of the team on. Given how much I hate walking/running and that my knee is still giving me attitude I was glad I managed two laps!

Then it was home, lunch, practice for Pound, errands and on to teaching.

Pound – I felt amazing after Pound today. I really think it’s the best I’ve ever taught the class. I felt like I was able to do more, demonstrate more, get deeper in to the moves, more in the groove. It really did feel good. I hope the students felt that way.

Zumba – I probably broke some rules in this class. My goal for this hour? As much sunny, happy, fun time music as humanity possible. We did a few reggaeton, some dancehall, salsa, and bellydance but a lot of ‘beach’ music. All about welcoming the sun back. Ahhhh the sun! It was a super fun class. All music that makes me feel happy. It was great.

Before bed I brought out my grid roller and stretched and rolled out my legs and back. Ahhhhhhh!

My workouts for the rest of this past week:

Monday – rest day
Tuesday – hour of Zumba
Wednesday – hour of Zumba
Thursday – 30 minutes grid rolling, hour of Zumba
Friday – hour of Zumba
Saturday – walking all over the museums in Raleigh!

This coming week is even more full of exciting workouts… Including getting back in to a Piloxing class on Friday night with Sue! Woohoo!

And the beat goes on.



Life has been super busy! Suuuuper! My day job has been wild lately – big projects, lots of new stuff to learn. I’m busy and I’m happy about it. It’s just a lot of hours.

Trip Fitness is still going strong and I am super excited about everything. In the last two months, Sue and I took the AFAA exam (she passed, I’m still waiting on my results) and got licensed on Pound and Piloxing!






The day before all three events I was dealing with my typical anxiety about people judging me because of my weight. I’ve been really lucky lately that everyone I’ve met at these trainings have been awesome and I’ve felt wonderful after the day was done.

I’m working on ditching the anxiety and living my goal.

Since gall bladder surgery I’ve felt stuck in a rut. Partially because of work being hectic and part of it because of working almost every night at the studio, I just haven’t been eating as well as I should be and I’ve stalled. Now that I’ve learned what I can and cannot eat post surgery I need to get back on eating on a normal schedule.

I’m also dealing with tendinitis in my knee again. I slipped on ice on Valentines Day and twisted my knee. I have good days and bad days with this knee and on bad days… Even my hour of Zumba is painful. But I keep going, because that’s what I do and not working out actually hurts more. I’m trying to find the middle ground between too much and not enough activity. It’s difficult.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m grocery shopping in the morning to restock the fridge and then I’m going to the track to meet my #teamtrio family to walk for an hour – I’ve got a 5k at the end of the month! – then Sue and I are co-teaching Pound, then she’s got BodyFlow which I may try some off to stretch out my knee, and then I teach Zumba.

After that, I’ll come home and get on my grid roller and do some myofascial release. I’m alternating heat and ice on my knee, compressing it and elevating it while I’m at work or at home. I’m also taking my anti-inflammatory meds and my joint supplements!

Monday is my day off from the studio and I’m going to rest, relax and work on my Piloxing blocks and learning some new Pound tracks and new Zumba routines from the comfort of my couch. Then Tuesday morning I will wake up, practice what I watched and made notes on and hit classes this week extra hard!

This week is about new routines and rebuilding my nutritional routine.

And getting back to blogging… The goal is once a week!

Craving routine.

It’s been almost a week since surgery and I can say, without a doubt, that having this surgery was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Seriously, despite all the discomfort in my abdomen I feel like a new person. I can eat food and not feel disgusting. I don’t wake up feeling queasy every morning. I don’t feel the need to eat all day. I feel good.

And the scale is slowly trickling down.

Can’t really argue with that. Now can you?

But what has sucked so badly about this while process? The lack of routine. I am so bored. SO BORED. I am terrible at not having things to do. I’ve watched 5 seasons of Dexter, lots of bad movies and I’ve done a ton of watching Zumba and Pound and Piloxing videos. Making a ton of choreography notes for all the dances I want to teach once I’m back to teaching. Hopefully next week.

I just want to get back to my normal life. Tomorrow I go back to work and back to being at the studio in the evening and I cannot wait to be back in the swing of things. I miss my coworkers, my job, my friends, the music, my life!