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I have been having such a Marvin couple of months. I just can’t shake it.

I saw my primary care doctor today and I told him just how down and out I’ve been because I thought maybe it might be time to change my medications. It’s been a downward spiral for a few months now. Since late this summer probably.

He didn’t want to change my antidepressant just yet but did tell me I need to take my xanax as prescribed and suggested I look in to talking to someone or expressing my feelings more. I just don’t… I don’t know that it’ll help. When I do talk about what’s got me down I just feel emptier. I’m going to try though.

My life lately has been just too much. My day job is suffocating me. I’m completely run down. When I do have “time off”, meaning I only work either my day job or my studio job, I’m so exhausted I can barely function. It takes me an hour at least every morning to talk myself in to getting out of bed.

I just have nothing left in the tank and even though I’ve got a few really great friends who have been there for me I just don’t know what to do or where to go. I’m trying to think positively and surround myself with good people but sadly it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.

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Faking it till I make it …


Fitness Friday 10/10

Saturday – House Party Fitness (taught) 869 calories
Sunday – 2 mile walk, Zumba (taught) 1,584 Calories burned
Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – RIPPED (student) Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 2,345 Calories burned
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught) No HRM
Thursday – RIPPED (student) Pound (co taught) Zumba (taught) 2,621 Calories burned
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught) No HRM

Taught – 8
Student – 2

Non-scale victories – I did suicide planks, on my knees. I did walking and pendulum planks on my forearms. Used 8lb weights on all the bicep, tricep, shoulder, and back work. The whole class. Brushing my hair sucked afterwards but …. Progress.

Lunges – going backward is getting less painful to my back and knees but toward I’m still shaking like a leaf. The current RIPPED season has a lazy leg lunges, forward, side, back. So I’m getting a lot of good practice this month. Perfect for my goals!


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Fitness Friday 10/2

Here’s my workout round up!

Saturday – RIPPED (student), House Party Fitness (taught). 2,205 Calories burned
Sunday – Zumba (taught) 1,159 calories burned
Monday – Zumba (taught) No HRM
Tuesday – Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 1,799 calories burned
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught), RIPPED (student) 1,632 burned
Thursday – Pound (co taught) Zumba Toning (taught), Zumba (taught) 2,757 burned
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught) 1,318 calories

Taught – 10
Student – 2
Total Calories – 10,870
Non-scale victories – I’ve noticed muscle definition in my arms. When I took RIPPED on Wednesday I took it with a new instructor and I used higher weights and pushed my lunges lower.

New focus – correct my lunge form. I suck, suck, suck, at lunges. I know this, it is especially noticeable now that I’m teaching more Pound. It’s both the depth of my lunges and my stability during them that is concerning me. I can squat and curtesy lunge all I want and my form is good but straight back, normal up and down lunges just make me wobbly. One of the power sections of RIPPED has front and back same side lunges and when I was doing that section three times a week I got better at it but doing it Wednesday night? Like I was learning to walk all over again. So, I’ll be spending a little time each day working on my lunge form. I may do that during the work day when I’m pacing around my cube. I don’t know how to gauge success other than seeing how long it takes me to get back to a solid 90/90 knee position on my lunges… But I think that’s a long ways away!

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Fitness Friday – 9/25


Saturday – RIPPED (student), House Party Fitness (taught). Total calorie burn for the two classes – 2,395
Sunday – Zumba (taught) 1,169 calories burned.
Monday – RIPPED (student), Zumba (taught) 2,086 calories burned.
Tuesday – RIPPED (student), Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 2,395 calories burned among the three classes.
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught) 611 calories burned – hrm only read for 34 minutes
Thursday – Pound (taught), Zumba (taught) 1,604 calories burned
Friday – Rest

Taught – 8
Student – 3
Total Calories – 10,260
Non-scale victories – Shoulders and bicep weights up to 8lbs, increased ability to do moves in Pound including deep side snares and just about everything in kit position, able to do M jumps and T jumps in RIPPED

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