2015 Reading Challenge

One of the things I’ve been focusing on in 2015 so far is taking at least enough time for me every day to read at least one chapter of a book.

I love reading. Love. Few things make me happier than falling in the world of a book. Last year I maybe read 15 books. This year I set a goal of 50.


So here’s me thoughts on the 7 books I’ve read so far…

Wild – Loved. Can’t wait to see the movie. I’m not outdoorsy but it made me want to go camping, hiking, something. I was reluctant to read it but I’m glad I did.

Sway – Is it terrible to admit that I cried like a goddamn baby reading this? Because I did. A few times. I got it for free on iBooks and hadn’t heard anything about it before I picked it up but I loved it. Cute book. Quick read.

Bird Box – This was surprisingly good considering it’s your run of the mill, post apocalyptic, story of survival… Or not. It was hard to put down and it was kind of interesting in what was seen versus not seen in the novel.

The Paper Magician – Willing magicians, not happy with her chosen medium. Then shit gets dark… I enjoyed it and will pick up the next in the series The Glass Magician after I get through a few more things on my reading list.

Stay – Ballet dancer, a murder, an assassin, a U.S. Marshal. Romance. Intrigue. Smuuuuuuuut. A fun read. I liked this enough that I bumped my planned next book to read the follow up. Each took me less than a day.

Keep – Follow up to Stay. More intrigue and murder and sex. Can’t wait for part three. I do love a good fluffy read like these. The story that threads these two together kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters are stereotypical but still have enough individual quirks to make them unique and interesting.

Everything Burns – Ok, so, personal aside… I’m terrified of fire. Fire safety week at school used to give me nightmares. A story about pyromania and post traumatic stress that required electroshock made me pause before I bought it … But it was a cheapie on Kindle and sounded interesting enough. I loved it. Author is being stalked? Harassed! Something. Bad things start to mimic his first major novel. Twist at the end is one I totally didn’t see coming.

Currently Reading – Miramont’s Ghost which, so far, involves a young girl with omniscient visions. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. She sees things in her minds eye. She’s kind of clairvoyant and can call back things that happened based off small details someone else says. I’m only about 14% in to the book and I’m not sure what’s happening or where it’s going but it’s well written and I’m hooked. And also Promise You Won’t Tell which is a murder mystery told in two parts… One when the main character is a girl and the other when she comes home to visit her home town as an adult. Enjoying this as well.

I’ll keep updating as I read more. What are YOU reading?

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New Year’s Eve


Last night I barely managed to see the new year ring in. I was so ready to say goodbye to 2014 that I would have been in bed at like 8:00 if it hadn’t been for my neighbor and good friend who invited me over for s’mores. So we sat around the fire, talked, and before I knew it – boom! 11:30. I love that she and I can just sit there and talk for that long. By the time I got changed and into bed I saw the ball drop, kissed the boy and dozed off.

Wild woman. That’s me.

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I think you ought to know…


I have been having such a Marvin couple of months. I just can’t shake it.

I saw my primary care doctor today and I told him just how down and out I’ve been because I thought maybe it might be time to change my medications. It’s been a downward spiral for a few months now. Since late this summer probably.

He didn’t want to change my antidepressant just yet but did tell me I need to take my xanax as prescribed and suggested I look in to talking to someone or expressing my feelings more. I just don’t… I don’t know that it’ll help. When I do talk about what’s got me down I just feel emptier. I’m going to try though.

My life lately has been just too much. My day job is suffocating me. I’m completely run down. When I do have “time off”, meaning I only work either my day job or my studio job, I’m so exhausted I can barely function. It takes me an hour at least every morning to talk myself in to getting out of bed.

I just have nothing left in the tank and even though I’ve got a few really great friends who have been there for me I just don’t know what to do or where to go. I’m trying to think positively and surround myself with good people but sadly it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.

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Faking it till I make it …


Fitness Friday 10/10

Saturday – House Party Fitness (taught) 869 calories
Sunday – 2 mile walk, Zumba (taught) 1,584 Calories burned
Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – RIPPED (student) Pound (taught), House Party Fitness (taught) 2,345 Calories burned
Wednesday – Zumba Toning (taught) No HRM
Thursday – RIPPED (student) Pound (co taught) Zumba (taught) 2,621 Calories burned
Friday – House Party Fitness (taught) No HRM

Taught – 8
Student – 2

Non-scale victories – I did suicide planks, on my knees. I did walking and pendulum planks on my forearms. Used 8lb weights on all the bicep, tricep, shoulder, and back work. The whole class. Brushing my hair sucked afterwards but …. Progress.

Lunges – going backward is getting less painful to my back and knees but toward I’m still shaking like a leaf. The current RIPPED season has a lazy leg lunges, forward, side, back. So I’m getting a lot of good practice this month. Perfect for my goals!


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