A lazy Friday night…

After one super busy week!

Let’s jump right on in to my workouts for the week, shall we?

Sunday – Zumba
Monday – Zumba
Tuesday – RIPPED, Pound, Zumba
Wednesday – RIPPED, foam rolling
Thursday – RIPPED, Piloxing, BodyFlow, House Party Fitness

Tomorrow I am adding another RIPPED and House Party Fitness to the week. Woof!

To say I have been sore this week would be a major understatement. By the time I taught HPF Thursday night my sides were so sore I could barely twist! Which was a bad thing cause I added in a new ab track to the HPF class that was very twisty!

Most importantly this week I had some big NSVs.

Like being able to jump in RIPPED. I did a whole 60 seconds of low jacks and ski runs. I did more than half the interval track with the rest of the jumps! I even did about half of the T jumps in the plyo section.

I successfully managed to hold a forearm plank and do knee dips/modified mountain climbers and stayed in a modified plank for a whole round of the power section.

I actually almost got all the way in to three-legged dog during BodyFlow. I usually panic but I managed to get the leg up but not get the hips open like the track calls for.

I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last few months. So many things I couldn’t do at all, I’m starting to see progress in.

I’m so excited to see what happens next weekend when I go to my RIPPED certification. And what comes in the future as I keep pushing myself to try more new, scary, fitness things!

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That’s a lesson I learned the hard way…

This has been an interesting week. Some great workouts, some terrible ones, and one very big health related screw up on my end.

Last Saturday I put together my pills for the week and I failed to notice something pretty significant…. I was missing my Viibryd, my antidepressant, my SSRI. So, I went from Saturday through Wednesday without taking it. This explains several things about Monday and Tuesday.

I thought I was feeling off because of work related stuff. I was crazy busy at work with a number of people being out of place this past week. Monday I started feeling really sick to my stomach after lunch and decided to actually take my night off instead of dropping in for Piloxing or RIPPED. I was asleep pretty early Monday night too. Which is odd for me. Tuesday I was anxious, sweaty, distracted and tired and Tuesday night I had what I can only describe as hot flashes over night. I woke up Wednesday morning soaked to the sheets. I felt awful. I had to go to work though so I did. As I took my pills after breakfast I noticed I was missing a blue pill… The viibryd. That explains a lot! I got my script called in and planned to pick it up after classes.

I taught my Toning class, was working on paperwork during RIPPED and then I hit the wall. I could barely function. I hit rock bottom. I skipped the birthday yoga class for our amazing yoga instructor because I just couldn’t stay upright. I felt like shit about that, still do. When I left, I ran by the pharmacy and went home and almost immediately to bed after taking my meds.

Thursday morning RIPPED was also very difficult because I hadn’t evened out yet but by Saturday I felt pretty much normal.

Very weird week. A very hard lesson learned. I will be much more careful about ensuring my pills are separated properly and all scripts accounted for in the future.

Otherwise my week was a success, I guess. I prepped all my food, ate my planned meals even though I wasn’t happy about it sometimes. I stuck to plan and got in all my workouts except for the yoga class I missed due to my brain melting.

Workouts of the week:

Sunday – RIPPED orientation, Zumba
Monday – rest day
Tuesday – RIPPED, Pound, Zumba
Wednesday – Zumba Toning
Thursday – RIPPED, BodyFlow, House Party Fitness
Friday – rest day
Saturday – RIPPED, House Party Fitness
Sunday – Zumba

Quite the busy week!

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Bad Movies and the Sam who loves them – Part 2

In the last few weeks I’ve been watching an awful lot of episodes of Queer as Folk because I didn’t realize they were on Netflix and once I found that out all productivity ceased. Like 90% of my time at home has been spent watching the series from episode 1. I regret nothing. Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett, Ted, Debbie, Vic, Melanie and Lindsay were like family to me when the show debuted in 2001.

Still – I’ve managed to watch a few truly terrible movies. Let us start with the worst of the worst to me…
Wolf Creek 2 – Ok, I fully admit I enjoyed the first Wolf Creek. It was total torture porn but it was actually pretty well done. The bad guy? Genuinely terrifying. Australian bushman killing off tourists for fun. No fun and games just crazy dude with a knife. The sequel? It included a scene of the bad guy torturing the “good guy” by threatening to cut his fingers off and the good guy trying to develop rapport by singing the ONE Australian folk song I think everyone knows. As if that would prove he’s not just some tourist who is ruining his home. The bad guy in the sequel has some Eco bent that just kind of mutes the terror to me. It was a weird, crazy, movie with too many things going on at once. I honestly could barely finish watching it. And it was further ruined by one of those the guy lived and no one believed him and he’s stuck in a mental hospital ending. Oh nooooo. Yes I should have spoiler alerted that but… Just think of the two hours I just saved you. It was awful. Awful. And I like awful but this was just garbage.

The Bell Witch Haunting – Found footage plus live action segments. Low budget. Possession of young teenage girls. Did I mention low budget? Much like the Paranormal Activity movies, this used the camera placed in the bedrooms to catch the crazy goings on on the house but it did it poorly. My favorite laugh inducing scene of the movie? Two girls get tucked in to the bed tightly and can’t get free, OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO! This had some interesting mythos built in to it, some good out doors scenes, some interesting makeup and costume work for the possession stuff. I was underwhelmed but it’s hard to compete with some of the big distributors versions of the found footage haunting films.

I’ve also been lucky enough to see a few good movies lately as well!

Now You See Me – I put this on because I thought it was going to be awful. Magic meets Oceans Eleven! It turned out to be a great movie. Total popcorn flick! The cast was awesome. Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Michael Cain, Jesse Eisenberg. Every one of them in a different role than what I normally associate with them. The magicians get an invitation to an apartment and get all these elaborate tricks handed to them, they make it huge and start doing shows in Vegas and it’s huge. They’re also kind of stealing money and making wrongs right and they’re being chased by the cops and Interpol and it’s just fun. I was shocked how much I enjoyed it. Totally worth it.

Also Guardians of the Galaxy. Given that I’m not a comic book fan I knew nothing going in to this and I just sat there with a smile on my face the whole movie. Genetically engineered tree and raccoon, kidnapped guy from Earth, green lady, and weird red tattooed dude save everything! Great soundtrack, lots of laughs, great acting. It was just a super happy feeling movie. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Stay through the credits. The post credit stinger has nothing to do with the movie universe but it made me cackle.

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A whirlwind week…

It’s Thursday night… I’m wired… I can’t sleep… Because tonight rocked. It was a weird teaching night – new songs went well, older songs were totally off but it felt great! I felt great – head to toe great about the class as a whole. 

This picture, taken by Sue, made me even happier. Last night, Christy posted on Facebook, a link to this song and said it’d be hot for House Party Fitness and she was right! It was in my head all day, I choreographed it in my head and tested it in class tonight. It was fun and a total leg killer. I can’t wait to teach it again. I’ll record it to share with people, even! 

This week has been good! I measured and lost another 4 inches on the second season of R.I.P.P.E.D.! 

And I signed up to take the R.I.P.P.E.D. training in August! Ahhhhhhh! Scary times! But I believe in it that much! I can’t wait to do it!

My workouts this week so far have been:

Monday – Zumba, parts of R.I.P.P.E.D.

Tuesday – Pound, Zumba

Wednesday – Zumba Toning, foam rolling

Thursday – BodyFlow, House Party Fitness.

Non scale victories? I can almost do a full sun salutation! Lunges and down dog into plank! Coming back up I’m still having issues but progress! 

Tomorrow I rest. Saturday I teach House Party Fitness, Sunday we do orientation for R.I.P.P.E.D. and I teach Zumba! Hurray weekend fitness! 

Scale victory … Weighed in at 346.4 today. I was 350.4 on July 1. So four pounds in a month. I’ll take it! Score! 

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Week in Review

This Wednesday is weight and measurement day! Hooray! Finished up round two of R.I.P.P.E.D. on Saturday and I’m feeling very strong.

As for my workouts this week – they were awesome!

Sunday – Zumba
Monday – R.I.P.P.E.D, Zumba
Tuesday – R.I.P.P.E.D., Pound, Zumba
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – R.I.P.P.E.D., BodyFlow, House Party Fitness
Friday – Rest
Saturday – half of R.I.P.P.E.D., crashed some of Pound training

So it was a great week in fitness! Nutrition was good too, mostly. I may have overly splurged on the weekend but I feel good, strong and I think I’m looking good too.
I feel like I’m looking leaner, stronger, and less lumpy in even just over a months time! I also just feel better.

I’ve been dealing with the mentally hard parts of all the nutritional changes better in the last week or two.

Eating heavier fats and proteins and way less carbs has been weird, mostly because of the fats! I’m terrified of the fats… What if my cholesterol gets high? What if it makes me gain weight? Ahhhh! Different things!

This coming week is shaping up to be very strenuous as well! I’m so excited to have all these fun things to do at the studio! This week is a non R.I.P.P.E.D. week so I’m going to get in a Piloxing class, maybe p90x, definitely yoga!

I’ve got a few fun bad movie reviews to share with y’all this week too! Woot!

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